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Fix Defence leads investing at R&D to create the lightest ballistic products with the highest protection level.

Ballistic Products

Who we are

Fix Defence Defense Industry Inc. is active in the field of ballistic products, tactical products for military and police forces all around the world…

Ballistic Protective Helmet

FIX DEFENCE can produce in any model, in any design, in any colour, in all protection level.

Ballistic Protective Helmets can resist against to shock, dust, direct sunlight, humidity and salt water…

Soft Ballistic Panels

Fix Defence ballistic protective panels fit well where they are used in
and also care for your comfort…

Hard Ballistic Plates

FIX DEFENCE  hard ballistic plates offer our customers’ needs
according to their unique specifications and requirements such as
stand alone or ICW…

Spall Liner Solutions

Spall liner is made by soft ballistic fibers such as aramide, glass fiber, ultra high molecular wight polyethylene depending on customer specs and requirements.

The spall liner is mainly used inside of armored vehicle to prevent fragments which are generated during an impact explosion…

Hybrid Solutions For Vehicle Armoring

Required high level protection of armored vehicles requires to be made of heavy weight armored steel bodies. Impact of this heavy bodies on technical competence and maneuverability of APC’s is considerably negative…

Ballistic Armor Level Moderization Of Exisiting Military Vehicles

FIX Defence’s Hybrid Vehicle Armoring products are one of the most competitive solutions in the market today.

These panels are used in add-on armoring allowing the vehicles to be much lighter in duty conditions.

This causes elimination of all problems rising from the high weight of the steel armoring…

Structural Ballistic Protection Solutions

An appropriate internal refurbishment and solutions with a focus on customer satisfaction…

FMS Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

FMS is a world leader and pioneer producer of commercial UD-PE and UD Aramid fabrics in advanced ballistic protection technology and manufacturing and also one of the main sources worldwide for ballistic protection raw materials and products.